Monday, September 20, 2010

Dallas Quraan Conference 2010

SUNDAY 12/05/10

Myths are manufactured about others; it is an old business of maligning others to have a gain. Qur’aan and Islam are no exception. It all started in 1142 by the Monastery of Abbey who were paid to deliberately mistranslate Quraan to foster hate towards Muslims in the name of Christianity and then in 1922, the hate was resuscitated towards Christians and Jews by a Muslim Hilali Khan.

Thank God for the comments at Dallas Morning News, thank God for opening people’s hearts and minds to share what is bothering them. I want to thank abh00 for sharing the following statement, “In fact, in this very book, it states that they are to pretend to be friends with non-Muslims in order to take advantage of their non-Muslim counterparts in order to force their beliefs upon our society.” This is one of the strongest reasons to hold the conference. Please highlight the verse from the Qur’aan that even matches closely with the statement. Let’s do it in open public forum to remove the phobias and fears based on hearsay and propaganda. One of my friends suggested that it would be great Christmas Gift to Christians and Americans to remove the fears and ill-will from all our hearts and towards each other.

Unless Pastor Jeffress wants another date, I want to announce Sunday, December 5th to hold a conference to demystify the myths propagated out there. You cannot get a better challenge than this, bring all the fears, all the hearsay and all the propaganda, let’s put it all on the table and find solutions. Let's have a civil dialogue and address those issues.

We owe it to our country; we owe it to our nation to build safe and secure America, where no American lives in fear, anxiety or discomfort. We cannot let anything destroy the social cohesiveness of our nation. Join me with your skepticism and good will, let's find the way forward. We are all Americans with a common goal; peace and prosperity of every one of the 301 Million Americans.

Mike Ghouse


  1. Joyi, every one is welcome to the conference, we will tape the entire conference and place it on the web. My friend ministers say that this would be a great Christmas present to America and the moderate Christians - who want an ...affirmation that everything will be alriight and what they hear on Fox or by the a few Ministers is only on the air. I have talked to several Imams and Ministers in the last few days...

    The panel will have clergry representing different religions, and each one will have a Quraan and let the public ask any question, we will let every one respond, those that are difficult, our Imams and I will respond. We really want to put this thing behind.


    Mike, this really does sound wonderful and I would be honored to attend as part of the audiance... what an amazing learning experience. Your friend is right, it is the perfect Christmas gift.

    One of the other things that you might consider an event to go along with this one… or maybe a separate one… is something geared more specifically toward school-aged children. I know I have a hard time explaining to my five year old daughter so many things when it comes to traditions of other cultures, and I find this to be particularly difficult for areas concerning the Islamic and Muslim cultures.

    For instance, when we see a woman dressed in a burqa and my daughter wants to know why; I may understand or know the answer intellectually, and I do my best to answer her questions; but I have no real good way of educating her in such a way that she is able to explore the subject naturally. Clearly it is inappropriate and rude for my child to go up to the woman and inundate her with questions and yet, I believe that both my child and I would benefit greatly by being able to directly ask this woman of her traditions and her dress. Being able to talk to her directly would give us an opportunity to get first hand truthful information as well as demystifying Muslim dress.

    Maybe while the adults are discussing Quran, the children could be doing craft activities geared towards traditional Muslim greetings, dress, holiday traditions, etc… Have the class purposely attended by women of different faiths in traditional dress who would not be uncomfortable with children asking questions and making observations in the extremely blunt way that children tend say and do things. It would not be very difficult to set up a couple hours worth of activities and a story circle in a separate room and it being a culture awareness activity that is kid friendly may well attract people who might not otherwise be able to make it. I would be happy to help in the “kids’ room” if this is an idea that interest you at all.

    I just know that as a parent with two five year olds in my home (my daughter and my nephew) that while they are aware that something is going on right now – they saw the flags on 9-11, they see the news, they hear people talk, and they see the planes flying into the towers replayed over and over (which my daughter recently informed me that was from a movie and not real) – they don’t really understand the tensions and whatnot going on with Islamic and Muslims and I feel ill-equipped to explain to them in a succinct, kid friendly way what is going on with the world and how it involves them. I would love to give my children the gift of a knowledge that allows them to avoid acting and reacting out of fear and ignorance. I am being sincere when I say that if this idea is of interest to you, then I would be very happy to help make it happen.

    Mike, I would be honored to be on the planning committee! My brain has been whirling since your response... Mom called and we talked about how really easy it would be to set this up for kids who are from about the ages of 4 on up to mid-te...ens... geared towards the younger, but with interest even for the older ones. And as I was talking to Mom - I think the way to go would be to emphasize the sameness - some like ice-cream better, some like cake better... but we ALL like dessert the best!

    I am all excited now and could use your help locating adults who would be willing to open themselves up to the curiosities natural to children as well as supervise / interact with them - I have some great ideas, I will brief you on them in the next couple of days and then you just let me know when and where to be for future planning. My nephew's great grandmother immigrated from Germany and she may be willing to participate.

    @Carol - It sounds like you have a great deal of experience and I am certain a project like this could benefit from your input and help. Please send me a private message with your email and as this deal gets rolling, I will make sure that you are contacted.See More
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    Mike, as a former director of children's education at church and with the Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church, I wholeheartedly endorse an outreach ministry for children! If today's adults had been taught to know and respect other religions, cultures and traditions as children, we would not have an atmosphere of hate, fear and distrust! Let the children lead us to understanding and peace!!! I will be happy to help in any way I can.